Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Learn English Alphabet Letters
Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Print Coloring Pages
Bookvaria offers new and unique interactive online learning opportunities for preschool and kindergarten children. Bookvaria is a virtual country and a safe place for kids to start their education and they will be able to interact with their parents or teachers and learn at home or in a classroom. Using our online learning method, the children will have the opportunities to:

-    Learn the English alphabet letters, recognize words starting with each letter through pictures and sound, search pictures starting with a certain letter and practice pronunciation
-    Print coloring pages to color letters and objects starting with that particular letter
-    Learn Math/Numbers, Addition and Subtraction/, download activity worksheets and quizzes
-    Learn the Colors and download color quizzes  
-    Learn and recognize the Shapes, download shape quizzes
-    Download our educational children's e-books for preschool and kindergarten kids
-    Play free online educational children's games.

It is a great interactive educational resource for early childhood education as well as for older children with English as a second language. Learn the English alphabet, math, colors, shapes, download children's ebooks, print coloring pages, play free online kids games and enjoy!

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Preschool and Kindergarten Kids Learn Math - Number, Addition, Subtraction
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